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Free activity books for children
Free activity books for children
Free activity books for children
activity books for kids
Free activity books for children

Buzzing Bee Press is a Calgary-based, independently run children's book brand that was created in 2021  by me, Duff Waddell. It originated largely as a result of witnessing the enthusiasm of my son Parker as he navigated his way through multiple maze activity books.  Seeing his excitement to learn, influenced me to start creating books of my own. It has been really fun to have him and my daughter test out my new books and encourage me to keep on creating!

Mazes for kids

As a result of this inspiration, my design team and I have created activity books that are fun and engaging while also providing important opportunities for skill development. All of our books offer progressive skill-building, starting with lower-level activities and progressing to more challenging ones. We have focused on creating books that engage youngsters in a growth mindset by building on the confidence developed through accomplishing new skills.

Kids activity books

We also wanted to create opportunities for parents and caregivers to get involved. It's important to enjoy bonding with the kiddos so, within a few of our maze books, we included some bonus adult mazes to do alongside the kids! 

Buzzing Bee Press

Calgary, Alberta Canada


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