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The Beauty of Fall - Kids' Crafts

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Hello fellow parents,

Fall is here, which brings loads of fun for kiddos and creative adults alike -jumping in piles of leaves, cooking more root-based veggies and pumpkin pies, picking out Halloween costumes, and carving pumpkins, of course. It can be a great time of year to foster a deeper appreciation for seasons and help promote creativity within our kids. Many of you have likely engaged in fun crafts using leaves with your little ones. I love the simplicity and inclusion of nature in the stick leaf people image (below right). I've never thought of using Q-tips quite like they are in the colorful fall tree (below center), and popsicle sticks can be a versatile tool for crafts, as displayed in the quirky scarecrow (below left).

As I mentioned in a prior post, my kids really enjoyed creating festive-themed wall art with some of our scissor skills activity books. So, if you allow creative freedom in your children's rooms, feel free to give the Scissor Skills: Halloween Fun book images a try.

Crafts certainly don't need to mean staying inside the entire day. What is super fun about the 'stick leaf people' craft is that it involves the adventure of going outside to collect the 'body parts' before heading back inside to create the cute little nature families. As you are likely well aware, children do much better after going out for even a bit of fresh air and exercise. Regardless of what crafts or activities you choose to embark on, I wish you a fun fall season and hope you enjoy watching your kids get into the festive spirit!

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