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Animal Mazes for Kids (with Letter Tracing)

Animal Mazes for Kids (with Letter Tracing)

Help your child develop confidence and have fun learning important skills with this engaging printable animal maze activity book!


Your child will develop problem-solving skills as well as printing skills, both fundamental components of learning. Your kids will have fun helping a variety of animals try to make their way through mazes to find food, new adventures or return home to rest. Each unique animal maze also corresponds with a letter of the alphabet which your child will practice tracing, including both lowercase and uppercase letters. They will further develop their fine motor skills and have some creative fun by coloring in the mazes when they finish. This exciting activity book is perfect for keeping your kids engaged while learning on a rainy day and helps to reduce the unwavering demand for more screen time.




• 52 fun-filled unique animal-themed mazes

• Multiple opportunities to trace each lowercase and uppercase letter

• 52 unique animals for your child to learn to identify

• Opportunities to color in each maze

• Appropriate for ages 4-8

• Large 8.5” x 11” format

• Created by certified teachers


Offer your child hours of fun while learning important educational skills.




The drawings were beyond my expectation. All the animals and incorporation of the alphabet were fantastic and a bundle of fun! Children will adore this book of mazes! 10/10!


Kelly C


My kids loved this book and highly recommend it to kids around 4 - 8 years especially. Lots of fun!
Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Gemma J


An enjoyable maze and handwriting activity book based on the alphabet for young readers snd adults to share. The animal illustrations are attractive, the mazes will give hours of fun and the educational opportunities are plentiful. Great little book!


Tina M