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Scissor Skills Book: Fun with Dinosaurs

Scissor Skills Book: Fun with Dinosaurs

Help your little one develop important skills for elementary education with this fun teacher-created, color, cut, and paste dinosaur-themed printable activity book.


Children will develop the confidence to use scissors safely and effectively by cutting out a variety of dinosaur images. Your child will first improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by coloring within the pictures and then using scissors to cut them out. They are also encouraged to practice gluing their work onto separate pieces of paper to provide them with the satisfaction of creating their own artwork! Practice pages at the start will help guide the cutting process before they color and cut complete images in the rest of the book. This fun-filled preschool activity book is ideal for engaging your little one at home or on your next family vacation.




  • 36 pages with a variety of fun dinosaur images to color and cut out
  • Progressive scissor skill-building (from straight to curved lines, to complete shapes)
  • Large 8.5” x 11” format


Help your child develop confidence and build important elementary skills while having fun!

Prepare your child for the start of elementary school by now ordering this fun multi-purpose printable scissor skills workbook.




This is a super duper cute and fun book to help those kiddos with fine motor skills and learning to use scissors.

It gives the option (and encouragement) to color in the charming little dinos and then CUT THEM OUT! Kids love to use scissors and cut, and this makes that process even more fun since it's not your important documents or family photos that they're learning to cut with ;-)

Before beginning to cut out the 20+ dinosaurs that they'll color in first, there are a few pages of practice activities to guide them in cutting straight, curved and wavy lines so that they feel confident when they cut out their 'saurs!

Very playful activity book that they'll love!


Samantha R


Brilliant book about scissor skills practice for kids, I actually print some pages for my 5 years old son, he needs a bit practice with a scissor, so this book was a gods send, it offers a right kind of difficulty for children, with cute dinosaurs for them to practice their skills both with colouring and cutting.


Marta R


I was excited to review Scissor Skills Book for Kids as a parent and as an experienced educator. This workbook begins with an introduction and guide for parents and caregivers before moving to line cutting skills and then to whole page pictures to color and cut.

The introduction pages for adults were nicely done and a significant improvement over similar titles I’ve seen. These pages explain growth mindset and give sample phrases for how to productively talk to children about difficult tasks, like learning to cut. The dinosaur theme was well executed throughout, even on the line practice pages. The pictures were appealing and my four year old was eager to try some.


Claudia B