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Scissor Skills Book: Fun with Letters

Scissor Skills Book: Fun with Letters

Help your little one develop important skills for elementary education with this fun teacher-created, color, cut, and paste letter-themed printable activity book.


Children will develop the confidence to use scissors safely and effectively by cutting out alphabet letters. Your child will first improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by coloring within the letters and then using scissors to cut them out. They are also encouraged to practice gluing their work onto separate pieces of paper to provide them with the satisfaction of creating their own artwork! Practice pages at the start will help guide the cutting process before they color and cut complete images in the rest of the book. This fun-filled preschool activity book is ideal for engaging your little one at home or on your next family vacation.




  • 30 printable activity pages to color and cut out
  • Progressive scissor skill-building with practice pages at the start
  • Large 8.5” x 11” format


Help your child develop confidence and build important elementary skills while having fun!


Prepare your child for the start of elementary school by now ordering this fun multi-purpose printable scissor skills workbook.