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Dinosaur Mazes for Kids

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Help your children develop problem-solving skills with this fun and engaging dinosaur-themed maze activity book!

Your kids will be excited to head out on a Jurassic adventure with 7 fun dinosaur characters. They will challenge their problem-solving skills as they lead each dinosaur through mazes (set amidst scenes of Jurassic wilderness), searching for hidden clue words. They must avoid dangers such as erupting volcanoes and the ever-present ravenous raptors. The dot-to-dots will allow them to develop their fine motor skills as well as allow for some fun coloring in once completed. Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to join in with the bonus raptor-themed adult mazes to do alongside the kids!


Inside, you and your child will find:

  • 28 Beautiful originally illustrated mazes that will engage and challenge your child

  • Four levels, increasing in difficulty (appropriate for ages 4-8)

  • A dot-to-dot to complete and color in each level

  • 7 additional adult versus child raptor mazes to do alongside your children

  • Clue words to find after each maze is completed (words put together after completion will form fun sentences)

  • Durable, travel-friendly, wipe-clean cover

  • Large 8.5” x 11” format

  • Created by certified teachers

*Shipping currently only available in the US. Please email if you require shipping outside of the US.


I’ve reviewed a fair number of dinosaur and maze books, but I’ve never seen a dinosaur maze book quite like this. It is supposed to be for both children and parents/caregivers. Kid and grownup go head to head for each set of mazes, to see who finishes first… with a harder one for the adult, of course. The book also has 4 increasing levels of difficulty, too. The publisher has made up little scenarios for each maze. For instance, in one of them, the maze is to help Beau the Brontosaurus get to some tasty plants in the river valley. All the mazes have interesting, full-page backgrounds showing the scenario (like Beau and the plants) with the maze in the middle; these would be fun to color afterward for older kids with good fine motor skills.  Some mazes are regular square or rectangular ones with all vertical/horizontal pathways; others have different shapes and have diagonal pathways. As part of the competition, maze winners get a special word that then makes up a sentence for the level. This book looks to be a lot of fun for the right family… who likes both dinosaurs and mazes.

Jamie Bee

What a darling book! I love anything that encourages grown-ups to spend time with the special children in their lives, and anything that encourages kids to stay away from screens. I think this book could appeal even to kids who are not necessarily into dinosaurs. The quality time with an adult, the opportunities for coloring, the challenges of the mazes, and the secret sentence added touch are great! Bravo to the author for finding a fresh twist on a very old idea.

Amy L

I thought this was a really fun book! The mazes are fun for children and I love how it is interactive for the adult and child to do things together.

Kate Z

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